In 1934 WH (Peter) Diamond arrived in Calcutta to work with Jessop and Co. building bridges and other things with large steel frames. He also designed some railway carriages. In 1938 his fiancee Dorothy Powell came out and married him in Bombay. Dorothy was the sister of Barbara Powell, who had married Peter's friend CV Graham the previous year.

During the war they took their holidays in Australasia, Malaysia, Burma (now Myanmar) and Ceylon (Sri Lanka), which explains the photos from these places. Other holidays included the Himalayas (Darjeeling) and South India (Nilgiri Hills, where Peter also had a contract for a pipeline).

Their two children, Michael and Tony, were born in 1942 and 1944 respectively. Dorothy brought the boys back to the UK in 1946, just before partition, and Peter followed in 1947.

This website has been compiled to share memories, photographs and films from these days so that they may be available for all to enjoy and ponder. There are also a couple of audio recordings made by London University in 1970 when researching life in India during these times.

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